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At Paws and Claws Publishing, LLC, we want to publish books that give children and teenagers—as well as the adults who read to them, mentor them, guide them, and teach them—the kinds of books that will influence them to make a positive difference in our world and to be successful, well-rounded, compassionate human beings.

     In the publishing world, smaller can be better. Yes, Paws and Claws Publishing is a small company. We accept books from first-time authors as well as established authors. We don’t expect every author to write sequels. We work one-on-one with each author from the time we first contact him or her. We don’t create cookie-cutter books. Every book is unique, tailored to the author’s story and message and desires, and enticing to readers and book buyers alike.

     Every author earns membership to an exclusive club: the Paws and Claws Publishing family. You see, once we commit to an author, we remain committed to him or her. We promote and market every author and their book(s) in perpetuity. Our books won’t go out of print. Each author’s family membership won’t expire.  

     We have several advantages over large publishing houses. We care passionately about books. We always have, and we always will. We grew up reading, reading, and reading. We couldn’t devour enough books. All kinds of books. (MORE)

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Welcome to Paws and Claws Publishing, LLC
Passion is our Principle. Making a Difference is our Passion!   

Our Vision Statement

Our goal is to publish books that make a difference. Books that have something important to say to readers.
Books that may motivate and inspire their readers to make positive changes in our world or to impact the lives of all living creatures.


Pepé’s Place


 Michael Allen Roche

This is based on a true story of love, family, and diversity. The same-sex couple adopted Pepé the Chihuahua and fostered Paco and then Patrick. Paco, their foster youngster, spoke English and Spanish. Patrick was an adult with Downs Syndrome. One of the men is light skinned; the other is dark skinned. Theirs is a blended, inclusive family.

Pepé was loved by everyone. Though Pepé has died, he’s remembered fondly. The couple still host the annual party they initially hosted to introduce Pepé.      FOR MORE INFO

The Last Candle


Chris Jakubowicz

At the turn of the 20th century, the last candle yearned to have its master and mistress light its wick and revel in the beauty of its flame. It wanted to be used as had its ancestors.

For decades, the candle sat on a shelf holding up books. It seemed to be ignored. Then the candle witnessed electrification that lit its home with light that needed no candles.  

 But one night, a thunderstorm raged. There was a particularly loud crack from lightning, and then… .   FOR MORE INFO

A Barnyard
Tea Party


Cathy Robbins

Lizzie and her mom planned, decorated for, and held a fancy tea party for all their farm-animal friends in their barn. Everyone wore their finest. To their surprise, their sweet and savory treats and steaming tea came with a side of excitement.


Murphy’s Neighborhood
By Martha Smith

Murphy the cat became bored indoors. His owner let him outdoors.

  A unique sound led Murphy to a garage full of amazing things. Popsy watched Murphy explore. Each day Murphy visited Popsy, watched him work, and  disappeared.

One day Murphy felt brave and let Popsy rub his head. No collar. No tags.

Popsy worried about Murphy. He drove the cat to the animal shelter to search for a microchip.

Read the story to discover whether Popsy adopted Murphy.