By Cindy W. Hollingsworth

Picture Book
32 pages

Grades 1‒3

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Cindy W. Hollingsworth has spent her life dedicated to the dance arts and dance education. She is a graduate of the University of North Carolina at Greensboro with a BS degree in dance. She and her husband owned and operated dance studios in both Virginia and North Carolina for over 43 years. They also founded Dance Troupe, Inc. (DTI), a large national dance seminar and competition company dedicated to the tradition of dance excellence.

Cindy  began writing in her early years. She often wrote scripts for children’s plays, pageants, or recital themes. Many of the dance-studio recital programs had introductions written by her. These were poems related to the themes of the shows. She has written poems for other dance teachers as well and writes biographies and resumes for performers and teachers on request.

Though she never seriously considered writing for publication, Cindy  often found her heart called to record--in verse or narrative--various aspects of life that touched her soul. In 2011, she wrote, sang vocals for, and produced a children’s CD for dance and listening called Songs in My Head. She wrote the accompanying dance teachers’ manual with helpful hints for classroom use of the CD and collaborated on the coloring-book page related to each of the songs.

According to the author, “My life has always been about dance and creating through movement. Now my creativity has led to other forms of the arts such as songwriting, poetry, and children’s rhymes and short stories.

Cindy W. Hollingsworth

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 From the start of this book, Sarah really missed her “bestest” friend Freddie. They loved to create their brightly and crazily colored animals together. But Freddie wasn’t in class, and Sarah was very sad.

 When the students went to lunch that day and she waited in line, Sarah thought of many wild and crazy animals that she knew would’ve made Freddie laugh. She asked her teacher about Freddie, and the teacher told her that Freddie was sick.

 At supper that evening, Sarah told her mom all about Freddie and that he’d been out sick all week.

 Freddie was out of school the next week too. Sarah became much more unhappy. One day the teacher announced to the class that Freddie would be out for awhile because he was very sick. Since he was in the hospital, the teacher told the class they would make cards for him to help him feel better.

 That night Sarah told her mom all about Freddie being very sick. Sarah was so upset that her mother hugged her and told her they’d go to the hospital to visit Freddie. The class made cards that were delivered to Freddie in the hospital. But not Anna’s special card that she was going to take herself. Hint: Sarah’s card is shown on the cover of the book. The day of the hospital visit turned out to be Sarah’s “bestest” day ever with her “bestest” friend.

 Both the text and the bright, colorful, fun artwork in this book portray the exuberant, creative fun that Sarah and Freddie have creating their wild, crazy animals.

 A Teddy for Freddie is a picture book for children about friendship and the fun that friends have together. Readers will be feeling sorry for Sarah as she gets sadder about her friend Freddie being so very sick. But they’ll revel with her and her mother during their hospital visit with Freddie when he tells them good news. Readers will share in the joy friends have when they’re having a really good time together.

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