Tammera Donovan

Tammera Donovan was born and raised in Park Ridge, New Jersey. She studied Fine Art & Photography at Ridgewood School of Art & Design and lived in New Jersey until 1993. Then she moved to North Carolina with her two daughters Jessica Barney and Molly Miles.

The author was in the photographic industry for 20 years. For the past 14 years, she has worked as an Account Manager for Blue Cross Blue Shield of North Carolina. In 2011—when the younger of her two daughters went off to college--Tammera started painting more and took an animal-rehabilitation class. She’s very interested in animals, and they have inspired her to do many paintings. Recently the Stokes County Arts Council hosted an art exhibit of Tammera’s  paintings and photographs. Tammera also volunteers to do photography for the Stokes County Humane Society (SCHS) and has taken pictures of hundreds of dogs and puppies to assist in getting these animals adopted.

As one of only a handful of North Carolina–permitted fawn rehabilitators, the author has a special love for fawns and for educating the public about the right thing to do when a fawn is found. Currently Tammera is the Vice President of Education and is on the board for Wildlife Rehab Inc., a nonprofit organization that educates the public, connects the public and rehabilitators via hotline calls, rehabs wildlife, and releases wildlife back into the wild. You can read more at http://www.wildliferehabinc.org.

In the last few weeks, Tammera has become the only North Carolina–permitted fawn rehabilitator in 30 counties, so she has her hands full with many, many fawns.

By Tammera Donovan

Realistic Fiction
86 pages

All Ages

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