Susan Elane Berry

Discovering the Heart of God

While in the Garden

In a garden we rediscover and refine our relationships with the earth, with all of creation, and with our Creator. Inspired Gardening invites us to participate in and become a witness to life in a garden, and it understands the fruits of our labor as nourishment for body and soul. The devotionals show how God can teach us whether we are growing peas or making compost. These timely meditations not only help us walk through the seasons with God in the ordinariness of a garden but also offer an abundance of practical and informative tips on gardening. Included are mouthwatering recipes that use the vegetables that are explored.

“Gardening is good for the body and the soul, and no one makes this clearer than Susan Berry in her book, Inspired Gardening. In Inspired Gardening, Berry takes us on a spiritually uplifting and practical journey into the garden to explore the complex web of relationships among everything from faith to greens to soils, and even to interspecies intercropping. Not just a thoughtful inspirational devotional, this work is also filled with wonderful tips on how to think about vegetable gardens and gardening, useful methods for contending with specific pests and other growing challenges, and mouthwatering recipes that help you celebrate the harvest, feeding both body and soul. Whether an avid vegetable gardener or a cultivator of the spirit, this gardening companion will surely stand by your side to provide sustenance, peace, and understanding as you toil through the seasons.”

~Hank Will  
Mother Earth News Editorial Director

“Susan has written a beautiful and inspired devotional based on her love of gardening and serving the Lord. Her passion and talent for connecting with others bursts from the pages. It’s like she is planting little seeds in our hearts.”

~Melissa Caughey

Founder Tilly’s Nest at


Susan Elane Berry

96 pages

All Ages

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 Susan grew up in the suburbs, twenty minutes south of Boston. At fourteen, when she lost her father, she called out to God. And while it would be another decade before she became a Christian, Susan felt God’s hand on her life. Looking back over the years, she knows that God has never left her side.

  Susan and her husband, Don, live in North Carolina on a small, half-acre homestead. They have two grown sons and one granddaughter. Susan loves to write, garden, cook, and cuddle with her chickens and her two dogs. At age fifty, Susan began to study horticulture.

  Spending time in the garden is a joy for Susan. She sees God in every leaf, baby vegetable, soil particle, and pollinating bee. She loves watching creation flourish beneath her hands, which on a perfect day have lots of dirt on them.

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