By Cameron Pendergraft

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Jack was a monstrous dog that came to live with his family as a puppy. His tail wagged like a machine. Jack loved his humans.

 Jack’s humans had the huge dog watch television with them and sleep in their bed at night. Life was good for Jack with evening walks, long belly rubs, and plentiful toys.

 One day a new human came to live in their home. She was tiny and loud. Jack wanted to protect this tiny human every way he could. Her parents were busy taking care of her, so many things changed. They didn’t get to go on evening walks. Jack didn’t always have food in his bowl at mealtimes. As time went on, the more Jack got to know little Rebie, the more the dog loved her.

 As Rebie grew up, she learned how to give Jack great belly rubs, how to put things back when he knocked them down, and how to stop his occasional shoe chews. Jack had known life without Rebie, but Rebie had always had Jack in her life. They loved each other and always looked out for each other. Jack’s life and his family’s life were better with Rebie in it.

 This book’s fun, playful artwork gives readers and listeners a humorous take on many of Jack and Rebie’s antics. The text and artwork show how life gets better as a family grows.

 Jack and Rebie is a fun book about how family life changes with a dog and with a baby. It will make readers laugh as they read it time and again.  

Cameron Pendergraft
and Elsa

Cameron lives in Oxford, North Carolina, with her husband Steve, their dogs Tigger, Elsa, and four cats.

The Story Jack and Rebie is her fourth children's book.


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