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Author Conny Hubbard presents this book with gratitude to her mother-in-law, Phyllis Hubbard. Phyllis collected these songs she had received from the Lord that inspired, encouraged, and strengthened her faith. In 1999 Phyllis gave a set of four cassette tapes containing these songs to Conny.

Not long ago, Conny came across the forgotten tapes and as she listened to them she felt greatly uplifted and inspired in her own faith. Conny knew she needed to transcribe them or they might be lost forever. At first she intended to just share them with her immediate family but it soon became apparent that they were meant for a larger audience. Her husband Bob, Phyllis’s son, encouraged her all along the way.

Keep Your Eyes on Jesus carries the presence of God because Jesus is the central theme and all the songs and poems point to His amazing love and grace.

There are scripture references after the songs and also comments Phyllis made as she explained the circumstances of how she received the songs and or what she was going through at the time. Two songs are about heaven and provide great comfort and assurance.

When Conny prayed about the cover of the book, God spoke to her the name of a woman in her church. This lady, Peggy Adams, is a true worshipper and lover of God. She was happy to allow her picture to be taken for this cover that encourages the readers to keep their eyes on Jesus. What better person than one who lives this out in her life?

Conny sought to preserve the legacy her mother-in-law left in this heart warming and encouraging book. It can be used as a devotional along side the Bible. The readers are also instructed and encouraged how to listen for songs He wants to give to them. It’s not necessary to have any song writing experience. Following her mother-in-law’s simple instructions, Conny received several songs from the Lord for herself, something she would not be able to come up with on her own. She wants the reader to know that they, too, can be blessed that way. This kind of communion with God anchors and strengthens us because it connects our hearts with His.

By Phyllis Hubbard

106 pages

All Ages

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