Jim Cox wrote these poems and stories over many years. They have been compiled, organized, and gathered into this memorable book by a dedicated committee of church friends. Jim has found his writing to be a gift from God for him to use to tell others what God has taught him. He has given poems to others to celebrate special occasions and events. He has shared them with his church family at Christ Lutheran Church in Greensboro.

These varied writings gave Jim the chance to get down on paper important lessons that God had shared with him. By writing about his countless hours of prayer with God on a daily basis, Jim has shown readers a great example of how to have a personal relationship with God as well as how important that relationship is in all aspects of life and decision making. These writings have provided reminders of how important praying, treading the path that will lead to heaven one day, and sharing God with others are to all Christians.

Other than the seasonal entries, Jim’s writings are not dated and are appropriate for any time of the year. Each one can be relished any time the reader wants to enjoy it. And each one will be just as inspiring each time it is read.

Jim has written these poems and stories in a very honest and forthright manner. They deal with times when things are difficult and challenging as well as times when life is more calm. In each instance, he reminds the reader how important it is to remember to pray to God to ask for guidance to make it through whatever life has in store.

Jim’s writings will reassure readers of God’s never-ending desire to listen to prayers, to encourage us to stay on the path to our eternal home in heaven, and to be with all of us through the good and the bad times of our lives.

By Jim Cox

226 pages


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 James Delar Cox was born November 5, 1925, at home in Stone Mountain, Georgia. He graduated from high school in 1943 and served in the U.S. Navy from November 1, 1944, until February 6, 1946.  

 He married Ethel Blackwell on July 14, 1946. They had one son, James A., and two daughters: Carollyn G. Barlow and Donna L. Thompson. After Ethel went to the Lord, Jimmy married Shirley M. Matthews on November 10, 1986.

 Jimmy loves to write poems when inspired by God. He also loves to bake and share with friends. Today he still makes cakes and pies for special occasions.  

Hope, Life, and Inspiration A Collection of Poetry and Pros  A Collection of Poetry and Prose  ISBN: 978-0-9906067-7-2

Jim Cox

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