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Pat Small was born and raised a country girl, with a city heart. Living for 15  years in various cities in Brazil may be the cause of her citification. She and her husband went to Brazil in 1973 with their three children in tow. They all adapted quickly. All five spoke Portuguese fluently, loved the Brazilian people, and loved the climate and food. They all had missionary hearts, and in their own ways have all followed that path. The oldest spent some  area, the middle child has taken part in a number of short-term mission trips, and the youngest is a missionary in South Africa.

When the family returned to the United States, Pat worked in a psychologist’s office and later in a real-estate office. From there, she obtained her license and was an active Realtor for about 25 years. She enjoyed helping people buy houses when they thought it was impossible.

Pat’s God specializes in the “impossible.” He helped her family start a church that now has a Christian school and enjoys standing-room-only attendance.  He also guided them along in the start of the first live-in treatment center for drug addicts in this country. It celebrated its 25th anniversary in 2015.

Pat was retired and lived on High Rock Lake. She always loved water, so it was natural for her, even though the ocean would have been her first choice. She was active in her church and was always involved in promoting missions and outreach activities. She and her husband also participated in the Meals on Wheels program. She said she fell in love with their clients and often visited with them even though it was not their day to deliver meals.

Pat always enjoyed reading and writing. She wrote many short stories about their children and mission work. Her work was published in Sunday-School papers, in a national magazine, and in teen devotionals. Writing was an enjoyable pastime for her, and it kept her mind alert.

Pat Small has written stories all her life. Sadly she died in September 2016, so she didn’t get to see her first book published by Paws and Claws Publishing come to life. Special memories about Pat will be kept alive through her stories. 

Patricia Ann Reed Small

February 19, 1941–September 27, 2016

Fiction • Paperback
32 Pages • Grades K–3

Muffin-pan baby was born, surrounded by noisy machines and people clad in goggles and gloves. The baby was stamped with a name and almost fell off a rubber conveyor belt.

Then the baby pan introduced readers to his dad and mom. Dad had 24 cups, so he was really big. At 12 cups, Mom was half his size. But she was twice the size of the six-cup baby.

Dad inspired his son with tales of the colorful cupcakes he’d create for special occasions.

Dad was disappointed when Mr. Brown used him to sort parts in the dusty garage.

Mom loved birthday cupcakes, which made her want to jump for joy.

One day Mrs. Brown took her to the sewing room and used her to sort buttons, giving  Mom a massive headache.

Most of the time Muffin-Pan Baby napped while Mom and Dad were away. Baby was too small for baking jobs for the growing family and for sorting jobs.

Over the years, the family changed. The children grew up, moved away, and started their families. Mr. and Mrs. Brown didn’t need 12 or 24 cupcakes. Then the baby pan became the favorite baking tool and stayed very busy.

 The Muffin-Pan Baby is a touching, educational picture book for children. Readers will learn about family changes over time, finding one’s true purpose or purposes in life, and acknowledging the joys and blessings in all tasks. The entrancing artwork throughout the book will show readers the unique lives of the muffin pans and their ever-changing human family. This well-crafted story offers subtle real-life lessons. Children and adults will look forward to hearing and reading this book time and again.







Pat Small