By Martha Smith
Picture Book

42 pages

Grade Levels 1‒3

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Murphy started as an indoor cat, became bored indoors, and was released outdoors to his never-ending delight. He loved prowling, napping, and listening.

An unusual noise caught the cat’s attention, and he followed it to a garage full of amazing things. Popsy watched as Murphy explored. The cat decided the garage would be a good place to hang out. He liked watching Popsy as he worked.

Each day Murphy showed up, watched, and napped. Then he disappeared. Popsy didn’t know where the cat came from or where he went. After time, bravery allowed Murphy to let Popsy rub his head and back. The friends enjoyed their times together.

  Eventually Popsy worried that Murphy had no one to care for him. He drove the cat to the local animal shelter to see if he had a microchip. If Murphy didn’t have a family, the man wanted to adopt his little orange friend.

Did Murphy have a microchip? Did Popsy adopt the inquisitive cat? Did they continue to spend time in the garage together? Or was Murphy returned to his family and home, never to return to Popsy’s garage? Read the book to find out.

Murphy’s Neighborhood Adventures

Martha Smith grew up near the small town of Dublin, Georgia. She and her husband currently reside in Martinsville, Virginia. She owns Smith River Vintage, an online source for all things vintage, antique, or unique.

 Martha loves reading, bike riding, camping, and flea markets. She is an avid knitter and enjoys making and donating hats to nearby cancer-treatment centers.

 Martha writes animal-themed children’s books with a mixture of nonfiction and fiction. Throughout her years of traveling, Martha has witnessed many amusing animal antics. Those stories are just waiting to be told, …so stay tuned.

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