By Cameron Pendergraft

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  Norman got table scraps from one of the neighbors. On schooldays, the cat sprawled on another neighbor’s driveway with all the mothers to wait for their children to get off the school bus.

 The first family who took Norman in had to give the cat up when they found out their daughter was allergic to him. The next family thought he looked so well fed that he already had a home. Norman had to move on.

 A family with five wild little boys and dogs took care of Norman for a while. They gave him a new collar and a tag with his name on it. When they moved away, Norman moved on. He stayed with another family until he had to move on again. Then Norman disappeared at the end of the summer and didn’t reappear until Christmas Eve. By then, everyone was worried about the cat.

 The narrator’s granddad found a very wet, thin, and hurt Norman. The family nursed him back to health. After about a week, Norman disappeared once again. Eventually he reappeared again. Everyone knew he was a cat that would never stay long with any of them but would be known by all of them.

 The book’s fun, colorful artwork gives readers and listeners alike a close look at Norman and people in his neighborhood. This book shows that a feral cat can be loved a great deal, even when it doesn’t want to live with only one family.

 This Is Norman, A Cat I Know is a heartwarming look at ways that even a cat with no particular home can make a number of neighborhood people happy. The obvious love and caring for Norman the cat will make readers enjoy reading this book time and again.  


Cameron Pendergraft
and Elsa

Cameron lives in Oxford, North Carolina, with her husband Steve, their dogs Tigger, Elsa, and four cats.

The Story This is Norman A Cat I Know is her third children's book.



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