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The second edition of Susie’s Miracle—The Inspiration Behind Susie’s Law was the first book published by Paws and Claws. It came out in late December 2011, just one year after Susie’s Law went into effect in North Carolina on December 1, 2010. A great deal of material had been added to this edition of Donna’s and Susie’s book. Those additions completed the picture of what had happened to each of them, the court date, the passage of Susie’s Law, and what the two of them were continuing to do.

Jennifer Tipton Cappoen the owner/publisher of Paws and Claws Publishing her copy editor/copy writer Lynn Bemer Coble are highly committed to Donna, Susie, and the Susie’s Hope™ nonprofit organization, I allow Donna to purchase all books at the cost of printing. One hundred percent of the profits on all books that Donna sells herself go to the Susie’s Hope™ nonprofit organization. Only when one of Donna’s books is sold online or at a bookstore does Paws and Claws Publishing make any profit on the sale. On those book sales, Donna’s profits also go to the nonprofit.

After Donna’s second edition of the chapter book was published, her other two children’s picture books that also tell her and Susie’s stories were also published by Paws and Claws in February and April 2012. Donna’s books were three of the first four of my company’s books. Until now, her three children’s books have been available in hardback versions only. Very shortly, all three will also be available in paperback versions that will be less expensive and more affordable for book buyers.

I am the founder, owner, publisher, artist, and book layout designer of Paws and Claws Publishing, LLC. Because of my longstanding relationship with Donna, Susie, and the Susie’s Hope™ nonprofit organization; the influence of their three children’s books on my company’s history and offerings; and my ongoing desire for goodwill among all of us, Donna Smith Lawrence and Susie are honorary presidents of Paws and Claws Publishing, LLC. Donna’s and Susie’s miraculous stories of survival and of moving forward to share their lifelong message of love, hope, and forgiveness exemplify the vision of my company:

“At Paws and Claws Publishing, LLC, we want to publish books that give children and teenagers—as well as the adults who read to them, mentor them, guide them, and teach them—the kinds of books that will influence them to make a positive difference in our world and to be successful, well-rounded, compassionate human beings.”

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Jennifer Tipton Cappoen

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