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To submit your manuscript to Paws and Claws,
please E-mail it to the
following address:

Please include your complete contact information so that we can be in touch with you.

Our professional staff will work one-on-one with you to ensure that we fully understand what you envision. We will make sure that you have complete and accurate information to make decisions related to your project. We promise to treat each of our  authors as a unique individual. Each book will be treated as a unique project with its own distinctive look, feel, message, and branding.

If your manuscript is accepted for publication, our staff will detail our recommendations for the level of editing involved. We will provide you with a contract that lists all anticipated costs related to your book and includes a detailed description of all that we will offer at each step of the publishing process. It also includes details about royalties and all of the ways that we will market and promote your book.

After you have agreed to our publishing proposal, we will establish the timeline for all stages of your book. This will include payment requirements and schedules.

Once you and Paws and Claws Publishing have agreed on your project, our goal will be to create a book that will far exceed your expectations and that will be successful in the bookselling marketplace. We look forward to making that happen.

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