By Michael Allen Roche

Picture Book
52 pages


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Pepé’s Place

The main characters were a same-sex couple: Papa and Pappi. One was light skinned and the other was dark skinned. In their home, English and Spanish were spoken.

 The two men adopted Pepé the Chihuahua as a puppy. The dog became an integral thread that laced lovingly through their family life for years. He liked taking walks with his humans, playing in the backyard, and getting belly rubs.

 Later the couple fostered a young man named Paco. After Paco grew up and moved out on his own, they fostered once again. This time they fostered a grown-up man with Down’s syndrome. Both loved Pepé.

 Papa and Pappi’s family story was all about diversity, a blended family, and the people and a pet in such a family. The two men’s family was an inclusive one on many fronts.

 Though Pepé has died, the Chihuahua continued to be remembered fondly by all who knew him. When Pepé was a puppy, Papa and Pappi hosted a party to have all their friends meet the dog. Each year they still host this joyous party.

Michael Allen Roche (right)

Michael Allen Roche first conceived of this book years ago while studying elementary education.

 Pepé was a puppy at the time.

 Michael is an author of short stories and poetry in print and online. He holds a bachelor’s degree in Human Services and a master’s degree in Counseling Psychology.

 Michael and Earskin continue enjoying life on Parker Street and relish their memories of Pepé.



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