Conny Hubbard

Embraced by His Love and  Healed by His Word

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Conny Hubbard has recorded intensely personal journal entries that God communicated to her over a period of nearly 30 years. These entries reinforce how patient and reassuring God is with each of us. Again and again, God challenged Conny to be open and honest, to share all her concerns and worries, and to confront her weaknesses. The entries are timeless, so none of them are dated.

Later Conny added appropriate scriptures to each journal entry.    

In addition, Conny has shared with readers of her book suggestions and insights for how to listen to God and for how to create journals of their own.

Readers, this book has been designed so that you can write your own journal entries, notes, and concerns in your book if you so desire. If you struggle with believing God’s love for you is real, then this contemplative and reassuring book is for you. You will never doubt His love again.

By Conny Hubbard

218 pages


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Conny was born and raised in Southern Germany as the oldest of five children. Her dad passed away at the age of 46 right after she had finished college. Her family was Roman Catholic, but Conny had never known that she could have a personal relationship with God or that He loved her. The author was very much afraid of God but yet knew that the spiritual world was real.

After Conny had been married and their son was two years old, the author became a follower of Jesus through the faithful witness of a friend. She was so hungry for God’s Word that she spent hours devouring the Bible.

Conny’s husband Bob rededicated his life to the Lord a year after her conversion experience. Because her husband was in the military, they moved often. During those times—when all her reference points had been moved—God’s Word and His presence became her place of safety and security. Through it all, Bob and Conny grew spiritually. When Bob retired from the Air Force, they went to Bible School and later pastored a church in Pennsylvania for ten years.

   Now the Hubbards live in North Carolina. Their son Daniel, who is in the military, and their daughter-in-law Andrea have three precious children: Eve, Judah, and Eliza all of whom they love dearly.  


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