By Chris Jakubowicz

Picture Book
40  pages

Grades 3-5

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Chris Jakubowicz was born October 2, 1976. He grew up in a town named Zion, Illinois. A suburb north of Chicago.

 He lives in Florida and has been married to his lovely wife for the past 21 years. Together they have raised two young adults.

 He likes sports, especially baseball and golf. He enjoys being outdoors as much as possible and cherishes soaking up the stillness and serenity that nature brings. Being near the water and going kayaking with his wife are among his favorite activities.

 Writing down stories for meaning and purpose has always been something important to Chris. He currently owns a home-inspection company in Florida and still treasures the unique moments when he can sit down to write and create.

 He values his faith in God the Father and in His son Jesus Christ and loves the chance to speak to youth about this whenever given the opportunity. Chris knows that the story of hope and redemption is possible for everyone, and he loves to share this message in stories for children.       


At the turn of the 20th century, the United States was poised to become electrified both on city streets and in homes.

 The last candle yearned for only one thing: to have its master and mistress light its wick, watch as the wax “slowly melted into a puddle,” gaze as the melted wax ran down its sides, and then revel in the wonder of its flame “as it emitted a glow in their eyes.” That was its job as a candle. That was what its ancestors had done. That was its only desire.

 The author included details that explained the time frame well. He also outlined the important uses of candles for people of that time and earlier. “Candles had a job to do. And they did it well and with absolute honor.”

 But the last candle had been placed on a shelf against a stack of books to support them. Ignored and unused, it spent year after year there collecting dust.

 Then one day light surrounded the candle in the room. It wasn’t flickering light from candles. Over time, even more lights glowed throughout their home.

 One night during a terrible thunderstorm, the very old candle got its one and only chance to shine. Did its owners light the candle and make its wish come true? Did they have the opportunity to enjoy teatime together bathed in its warm golden light?

 The Last Candle is a historic, realistic-fiction picture book for children and adults alike that you won’t soon forget. If you’re ready for a book with heartfelt messages, this is a really good choice. Readers will delight in the author’s tie-ins to candles and their light throughout the book and in the last candle’s everlasting hope. “Don’t ever give up the hope of having the opportunity to shine for someone who needs it. This could happen at any moment.”—Chris Jakubowicz

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