By Cameron Pendergraft

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Once again, Cameron introduced Tigger to readers at the start of this book. She was funny looking with short legs and a long, chubby body. She had a big head, little ears, and kind eyes the color of chocolate.

 Tigger’s family knew Tigger needed a dog playmate. Since Tigger loved to play with her squeaky toys, run through the water sprinkler, and take daily walks through the woods, this new dog needed to enjoy doing those things too.

 One day Tigger’s family placed a little, bright-white fluff of a dog next to Tigger. From the very start, Elsa snapped and yapped at Tigger and at visitors. Even though Tigger let Elsa play with all her toys and stood back to let her eat, neither stopped the snapping and yapping. Because Elsa had only three legs and didn’t appear to be friendly, Tigger wondered if things would work out with this dog.

 During their walks with their family in the woods, Elsa had to lead. One day that led to a scary, exciting situation. Tigger had her chance to become the hero, and that changed the relationship between the two dogs.

 Tigger’s patience paid off. Elsa became a loved addition to their family.

 The fun, colorful artwork and cover design give readers and listeners alike a close look at Tigger and Elsa and their new family and home. This book shows that Tigger’s perseverance led to Elsa’s changes as she became a part of the family.

 The Story About Tigger and Elsa is a heartwarming look at ways that love, patience, and attention can make differences in the lives of pets from an animal shelter. It reinforces the importance of looking beyond a dog’s physical impairment to see all that the dog can really do. This story’s happy ending will make readers enjoy reading it time and again.  


Cameron Pendergraft
and Elsa

Cameron Pendergraft has always loved pets and reading aloud to children. She wrote Elsa’s story about when the dog joined their family and Tigger in this picture book. Like Tigger’s earlier story, this book told the story from Tigger’s perspective. This heartfelt offering illustrated how the family—including Tigger—made a difference in the life of a small tripod dog from the animal shelter. Cameron’s second book reinforces the need for people who want to adopt a pet to consider animals in shelters.

Cameron lives in Oxford, North Carolina, with her husband Steve, their dogs Tigger, Elsa, and four cats.

The Story About Tigger and Elsa is her second children's book.



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